• Three Out Of The Top Five Ways People Find Business Information Involve The Internet

    Here are some startling facts about the top 5 ways people find businesses such as yours according to Comscore:

    • 31% Visit a search engine - most research without a specific brand or business name in mind and a specific location (i.e. a restaurant in Tampa, Florida).
    • 19% Use Internet directories - often to find a phone number.
    • 11% Look at local search sites like Google Maps or Yahoo Local (usually to get driving directions).
    • 3% Get information from a newspaper or magazine.
    • 1% of people find local businesses through social networking sites.

    Considering the numbers above, it may be wise to examine how your marketing dollars are currently allocated.
    It seems only prudent to take steps to ensure your business is "Findable" on the Internet.

    The Challenge: With over 113,567 new websites created every day, how can you ensure that your customers will find YOU online instead of your competitors? Adding to the confusion are the "SEO gurus", "PPC experts", "Social Media specialists" that are popping up everywhere promising you the latest magic solution or the holy grail of being #1 on Google. But as many have discovered... committing to such initiatives without the proper understanding of how they impact sales and ROI often leads to disappointing results and the constant jumping from one Internet tactic to another.

    It is our aim to cut through the clutter of online and offline marketing choices, and allow focus on increasing sales and profits with a degree of predictability and accountability that smart businesses demand.

    If you find value in this no-nonsense, intelligent approach and want to learn more, then we invite you to join other fellow executives and business owners by signing up to our preferred access list found on the right. You will be in good company and will receive only the highest quality insights specifically intended to take your business to the next level.

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