4 Strategies That Will Quickly Position You As the Leader in Your Market

market_leaderSometimes it’s not just enough to be in business, we want to be the leader of the pack.  There’s an old expression that says if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes.  Any of us who have ever experienced being behind in our market can understand the truthfulness of the statement.  What is it, however, that will position us as a market leader and what strategies can we use to push ourselves and our businesses to the top?

Effective Market Branding – It doesn’t matter what we are selling or who we are selling it to, if we are not branding ourselves, we are missing out on a large portion of sales.  Not only can this benefit us on a local or regional level, we can take branding the whole way to a national level.  Some effective examples of those who have branded effectively are Kleenex and Lifesavers.  Even though these are only brand names for a particular product, the product itself is often called by these names.

Forming Joint Ventures – One of the easiest and fastest ways to propel our business to the top is through the use of effective joint venture marketing.  Not only can this help to pull in new customers, it can assist us in reaching a market that we never had access to before.  JV partnerships are being formed every day and many of them are turning formerly unknown businesses into business powerhouses.  If you’re effective in forging your own joint ventures, you would be surprised at how far you can take your business.

Stomping out the Big Guy – This particular technique is effective if you are operating a local business and are in danger from larger chains that are moving into your area.  Don’t think that they have the upper hand, simply because they have more money to throw around.  If you’re able to produce a superior product or give superior customer service, you can not only compete with the larger brand names, you can defeat them.

Superior Customer Service – Not only should you be known in the minds of your clients as somebody who takes care of them, you should have the reputation of doing so, even among those who are not already are clients.  Good customer service is at the heart of any successful business so make it a priority in yours.

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