How SEO Can Help Your Business Greatly

The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one that is used much more commonly these days than ever before. This is mostly due to the fact that now the majority of the market will search the internet (Google, Yahoo, MSN) before anywhere else, when looking to purchase a product or service either locally or internationally. This has caused business owners to frantically look for someone who can perform these SEO services for them, by optimizing their websites for the search engines.

seoWhen someone searches for a keyword phrase that’s related to your business, for example “auto mechanics in New York” the first page of results on Google shows only 10 results. There are usually hundreds or even thousands of pages of results for any given keyword. Anyone can show up on the top page of Google, by paying a hefty fee PER click to be there. This can cost a fortune and cause a lot of headaches if you don’t know what you’re doing. SEO on the other hand is usually referred to as “Organic SEO” or “Organic Search Engine Optimization.” This means that you are making it so that your website shows up in the natural search results that are on the left side of the page when you do a Google search (the paid ads show up on the right side).

By landing your website a few organic search engine listings (on the first page or not), you are doing your business a GREAT service. This is perhaps one of the most valuable long term assets your business can have, because you will have a flow of traffic to your website, of people that are actually searching for what it is that you offer. And that is precisely why companies are paying thousands of dollars a month to search engine optimization specialists.

On the local level however, SEO services tend to be much cheaper than at the international corporate level, so they are affordable.

By having that organic listing, you will have “targeted” traffic coming to your site (people who are searching for your specific niche) and you will NOT be paying for every time someone clicks on your search engine listing! Your business will have more exposure on the internet, have a chance of competing with the rest and will survive well into the future… With your rankings going up every year hopefully!

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