"How Are Smart Businesses Profiting From this Economy?" 

Did You Know That Many Businesses Are Actually Experiencing Their Strongest Sales Ever? Yes It's True! Now Finally There Is Real Help For Local Business Owners Who Want to Learn How To Take Advantage of the Internet to Get 4 Times As Many Customers AND Cut Their Advertising Costs by 50%...Quickly, Easily, and Automatically!"

- Hanif Khaki
President, Phase 3 Marketing Inc.

 Internet Workshop For Small Business Owners Only!

From:  Hanif Khaki
To :     Local Business Owners

Learn To Harness The Power Of The
Internet For Your Business!

If you own a local business and feel lost about how to use the internet to flood your business with new customers, this will be the most important invitation you'll receive this year...

Are you aware that almost 11,000 new "buyers" are discovering the internet on any given day? Many of those people are in our local area!

If your business is not capitalizing on effective internet marketing, you could be losing a ton of possible revenue.

In this private workshop I will teach you:

  • How to cut your advertising expense by 50% while you're increasing your customer base
  • How to automatically build a database of customers who buy from you over and over
  • How to sell your customers before your sales event even starts
  • How to use the internet to drive new business through your front door
  • How one simple change to your website can start generating business the same day

*PLUS* We'll also cover fatal flaws of your current site, auto-responders, simple SEO, keywords, lead capture, list management, monetizing your website, direct response websites and way too much more to list! And we'll de-mystify everything and explain it in a language you can actually understand!

*PLUS* An open floor Q&A session to answer any questions you have.

Come Prepared And Learn To Earn!

Seating for this *special* workshop is limited to the first 25 business owners only. (A smaller more intimate environment allows me to spend the time needed with each person.)

Reserve your seat now for only $297!

(This one time reservation may be tax deductible. Please consult your CPA or tax advisor regarding business deductions.)

These spots will fill fast!
Reserve your seat now!
(Even if it's 2:am!)

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        I look forward to seeing your business move forward!

 Hanif Khaki

Hanif Khaki


PS...This workshop will be held on  March 3rd at Regal Place and will start at 9am  sharp. Please bring your receipt for entry. Please Call (416) 858-5374 for next available date. 

PPS...In fairness to your fellow business owners, please be sure that you will be attending when reserving your seat.



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